Chef Ajay Chopra

If there's one thing I've learned about food philosophies, it is that they change. That’s the amazing part. My passion for food is my drive and I can proudly say that food has had an influence on me throughout my life. So let’s share and celebrate this passion, together...

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Kitchen Consultation

Chef Ajay has been associated with fine kitchens and gourmet food for the last 17 years. With a plethora of experience he and his team is able to design well equipped and process friendly kitchens.

"A practical and smooth operational kitchen is what one needs to have a profitable business . Right from equipment layouts to best equipment orderings and ergonomically designs, the team here offers all services to have one of those."

Restaurant Consultation

"My vision is to create world class dining experiences".

Turn Key projects which include, restaurant feasibility studies, menu designs, and the most importantly, systems and procedures which make a restaurant profitable are carried out by the team. As a coach and mentor, Ajay guides you through the series of critical decisions associated with a restaurant planning, structuring, construction and operational processes.

Menu Consultation

"Understanding your customers palate and the latest trends in the food can really uplift the personality of the restaurant and hence the profitability. A highly effective menu has to be optimized with innovation, geographical location, clientelle and of course the costs and complexity of operations."

Having a vast experience in world cuisine Chef Ajay and his team are well equipped to design Global menus and speciality menus. Chef Ajay Specialises in Fun dining menus, Mediterranean menus but the cuisine closest to his heart is Modern Indian and Classical Indian.

Training and Mentoring

From cooking sessions to corporate coaching sessions, chef Ajay loves to share his experience and knowledge with cooking. Chef Ajay's focus on details, optimization and new ideas, brings a fresh approach to the training programs. His engaging personality and program flows engage the participants and help them bring out the hidden Chef within them.

"Restaurants today just don’t depend on great designs and great food but are greatly successful because of experience, innovation and efficiencies in the food industry. We offer a complete training program to enhance your cusomers experience."