Cadbury Coconut Chocolate Laddoos  Recipe

Cadbury Coconut Chocolate Laddoos Recipe

10 min
2-3 People
5 min



There's something truly magical about the act of cooking for someone you care about. It's not just about the ingredients or the process; it's about the love and emotions you pour into every dish. I learned this lesson firsthand when I decided to surprise my best friend with a batch of Cadbury Coconut Chocolate Laddoos.


As I carefully measured each ingredient and rolled the laddoos with my hands, memories of our adventures together flooded my mind. My friend, always the tough guy on the outside, had a soft spot for sweets. I wanted to express my appreciation for his friendship, and what better way to do so than with a homemade treat? These laddoos became more than just a dessert; they were a symbol of our bond and the importance of expressing our feelings.




Recipe of Cadbury Coconut Chocolate Laddoos  Recipe




  • Desiccated Coconut powder
  • Condensed Milk
  • Cardamom powder
  • Cream
  • Melted Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate
  • Crushed Gems for topping





  1. Warm cream and condensed milk in a saucepan over low heat.
  2. Add a pinch of cardamom powder for aroma.
  3. Stir in desiccated coconut powder to create a luscious mixture.
  4. Shape the mixture into small laddoos and refrigerate until firm.
  5. Melt Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate using a double-boiler method.
  6. Dip the chilled laddoos into the melted chocolate to coat them.
  7. Sprinkle crushed Gems on top for decoration.
  8. Serve and enjoy these delicious laddoos!




About the Recipe:


Cadbury Coconut Chocolate Laddoos are a delightful fusion of traditional Indian sweets and decadent chocolate. Made with a combination of desiccated coconut, sweetened condensed milk, and Cadbury chocolate, these laddoos offer a burst of flavor in every bite.


To prepare Cadbury Coconut Chocolate Laddoos, begin by combining desiccated coconut and sweetened condensed milk in a bowl. Mix until well combined, then shape the mixture into small balls or laddoos. Melt Cadbury chocolate in a double boiler or microwave, then dip each laddoo into the melted chocolate, ensuring it is evenly coated. Allow the laddoos to set before serving.


These laddoos are perfect for special occasions or as a sweet indulgence to brighten someone's day. The combination of coconut and chocolate creates a harmonious blend of flavors that will delight the senses and leave a lasting impression.



Cooking Tips:


  1. Ensure that the desiccated coconut is fresh and finely grated for the best texture in the laddoos.
  2. Use sweetened condensed milk to bind the ingredients together and add sweetness to the laddoos.
  3. Allow the melted chocolate to cool slightly before dipping the laddoos to prevent them from melting too quickly.
  4. For added flavor and texture, you can roll the dipped laddoos in crushed nuts or sprinkles before the chocolate sets.
  5. Store the laddoos in an airtight container in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for longer.



Pairing Guide:


Cadbury Coconut Chocolate Laddoos pair wonderfully with a cup of hot chai or coffee, allowing the richness of the chocolate to complement the warmth of the beverage. For a festive touch, serve them alongside traditional Indian sweets such as gulab jamun or jalebi for a memorable dessert spread.




Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Q: Can I use fresh coconut instead of desiccated coconut for this recipe? A: Yes, you can use fresh coconut, but desiccated coconut is preferred as it provides a finer texture and longer shelf life.

  2. Q: How long do these laddoos stay fresh? A: When stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator, Cadbury Coconut Chocolate Laddoos can stay fresh for up to one week.

  3. Q: Can I use dark chocolate instead of Cadbury chocolate? A: Yes, you can use dark chocolate if you prefer a richer, less sweet flavor profile.

  4. Q: Are these laddoos suitable for vegans? A: Unfortunately, these laddoos contain sweetened condensed milk, which is not vegan-friendly. However, you can explore vegan alternatives for the condensed milk to adapt the recipe.

  5. Q: Can I freeze these laddoos? A: It's not recommended to freeze Cadbury Coconut Chocolate Laddoos as the texture may change upon thawing.

  6. Q: Can I add additional flavors to these laddoos? A: Yes, feel free to experiment with different flavorings such as almond extract, rose water, or cardamom for a unique twist.

  7. Q: How many laddoos does this recipe yield? A: The yield of the recipe depends on the size of the laddoos. On average, you can expect to make around 12-15 laddoos.

  8. Q: Can I use milk chocolate instead of Cadbury chocolate? A: Yes, you can use milk chocolate if you prefer a sweeter flavor profile.

  9. Q: Are these laddoos suitable for children? A: Yes, Cadbury Coconut Chocolate Laddoos are a kid-friendly treat that children are sure to enjoy.

  10. Q: Can I make these laddoos in advance for a party? A: Yes, you can prepare these laddoos in advance and store them in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Just be sure to allow them to come to room temperature before serving for the best texture and flavor.