Project information

  • Name: TAB, Mumbai
  • Concept: Bistro
  • Location: Mumbai

Description of Project

TAB offers a thought through, all-American modern bistro experience with gastronomical touches, hence the name - Thoughful American Bistronomy.


The concept of TAB takes the traditional American diner up several notches to transform it into a chic, sleek restaurant. The interiors depict a beautiful panoramic Californian landscape, with the pink and green colors being inspired by the breathtaking LA sunsets that paint the sky pink with a little tinge of Californian Greens. The texture of the walls gives a classic rustic look which is contrasted by the contemporary modern furniture that gives you a sense of opulence. The space has been developed to give diners an experience of both formal and informal living. The fresh, vibrant space by day lit with green planters transforms into a class, luxe vibe with upbeat jazz and new modern American music. Making diners feel comfortable and settled, the food does all the talking on behalf of TAB. Overall, the space strikes a fine balance between simplicity and complexity.