Chocolate Modakv Recipe

Chocolate Modakv Recipe

20 min
2-3 People
10 min

Chocolate Modak by Chef Ajay Chopra


 • 1 cup Rice flour

 • 1 cup Water

 • Salt to taste

 • 1 tsp Ghee / Clarified Butter


 • For Stuffing:

 • 2 tbsp Orange Peel

 • 2 tbsp Hazelnut

 • 2 tbsp Kismis

 • 1 cup Mawa

 • ½ cup Melted Chocolate



 • For Dough:

 • Take a pan, pour some water and add ghee into it along with salt and let it boil for a while. Once the water starts boiling turn off the gas and adds rice flour into it.

 • Mix everything quickly and thoroughly for some time till the time it’s hot and remove the lumps.

 • Once your dough is ready keep it aside and let it cool.

 • For stuffing:

 • Heat a pan for few mins and then turn off the flame on it and then add all then toast some hazelnuts, and Koya and soften it.

 • Then orange peel and raisins and then add some melted chocolate and mix everything.

 • Once it’s done take it out in a bowl and allow it to refrigerate for some time so that it becomes hard.

Modak Preparation:

 • Take some ghee and apply it to your palm and then take a modak mold and brush it with some ghee.

 • Now take a small portion of the dough and flatten it and place it on both the side of the mold.

 • Then put a spoonful of the stuffing in one side of the mold and then fold the mold and press it. Once the modak takes the shape of the mold take it out and keep it on a plate.

 • Then get a steamer, brush a small amount of ghee at the bottom of the steamer dish and then place the modak one after another. Close the lid and allow it to steam for about 5 minutes.

 • Once the modak is done, take a serving plate, put the modak on it, and pour some ghee on top of it. Garnish with some orange peel, hazelnut and chocolate spread and serve. Enjoy!