Phirni  Recipe

Phirni Recipe

20 mins
2-3 people
10 mins



  • 2 Bottles of Britannia Winkin Cow Badam Thick Shake
  • -1 cup Rice Soaked & drained
  • -Water
  • -1 tsp kewra water
  • For the Caramel disc :-
  • -½ Cup sugar
  • -Sliced almonds


    • In a Pan add 2 bottles of Britannia Badam Thick Shake and bring it to a boil, meanwhile, take soaked rice and grind them till a coarse paste
    • Now add in 4-5 tbsp rice paste to the boiling thick shake and let it cook until it thickens
    • For the caramel disc, in a pan add in sugar and let it melt, do not stir the sugar because it will crystallize and let it cook on its own until it changes color, and turns nice light brown colorand then add in sliced almonds.
    • Now take a steel plate and oil it on the backside, and then pour the caramel on the plate and let it spread naturally.
    • Take 2 ring cutters of desired sizes and place them on the plate to give it a disc shape
    • In the phirni add in kewra water, put it in a glass, and refrigerate it until its cool
    • Place the caramel disc on top of the phirni and garnish with almonds and serve.