Many times people do not recognize healthy oil and unhealthy oil and due to lack of information, they start using unhealthy oil in cooking. Many options of oil sometimes confuse you that which oil is more beneficial in terms of health. If we talk about mustard, sunflower, olive and sesame oil, then all of them are beneficial in terms of health. But the point to be seen is that these oils are being extracted by chemical method (Refined Process) or are being extracted using the process of Kachchi Ghani i.e. Cold Pressed.

The cold press  oil is most beneficial for your health. No preservatives or chemicals are required to remove it. It is extracted well and naturally in the machine. This oil is considered very beneficial for cooking and maintaining the purity of food.

The use of cold pressed oil is also recommended by doctors and dieticians. It contains amount of healthy fats, which are considered helpful in keeping you healthy.

Cold press oil  is not kept in high temperature to heat like other oils. At the same time, during the removal from the machine, the impure or spoiled elements present in it are removed from the pulp.

This oil is not refined, due to which many such special properties are present in it, which are also used for medicine. Cold pressed oil contains polyunsaturated fats, which also prove helpful in weight management. Along with this, there is also an abundance of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids. In Ayurveda too, Cold pressed oil is considered the best for cooking.

Benifits of Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil:

It helps in  increasing  good cholesterol, helps in weight loss It helps fight Alzheimer's disease, Helps prevent heart disease and high blood pressure good for blood sugar and diabetes aids in liver health boosts energy aids in digestion Acts as a salve for wounds and burns Acts as an anti-aging ingredient.

Benefits of cold pressed mustard oil: Good Source of MUFAs prevents infection helps in blood circulation good for skin Relief from cough and cold promotes hair growth Treats cracked heels and brittle nails promotes heart health

The benefits of consuming peanut oil: Having a very high smoke point, peanut oil can be used for deep frying and cooking at high temperatures Cold Pressed Peanut Oil Adds A Very Unique Flavor To Any Meal Peanut oil contains many essential fatty acids and is completely free of cholesterol. Peanut oil contains resveratrol which protects cells from cancer, nervous system diseases, Alzheimer's etc.