Aalu bhujia

Aalu bhujia

40 Mins
4-5 People
15 Mins

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Portion servings: 4-5 pax

Preparation time: 15 mins

Cooking time: 40 mins

Calories: 292 kcal per portion 




Potato boiled 4 pcs

Amchur powder 1 tbsp

Chaat masala 1 tsp

Dry mint 1 tbsp

Turmeric powder 1 tsp

Red chilli powder 1 tsp

Coriander powder 1 tsp

Garam masala powder ½ tsp

Roasted jeera powder ½ tsp

Salt 1 tsp

Besan 2 cups

Rice flour ½ cup

Oil 2 tbsp


Oil for frying



Grating and Preparing the Potatoes:

Begin by taking a plate and finely grating the boiled potatoes. This will form the base of your Aloo Bhujia.

To achieve a smooth mixture, use the palm of your hand to gently massage and shape the grated potatoes.


Sieve the Spices:

In a sieve, combine chaat masala, amchur powder, dry mint, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, garam masala, and roasted jeera powder.

Sieve all these spice powders into the bowl containing the grated potatoes.

Don't forget to add salt to enhance the flavours.


Adding Besan and Rice Flour:

Sieve besan (gram flour) and rice flour into the potato mixture.

Knead the mixture thoroughly without adding any water. The goal is to create a dough-like consistency that holds its shape.


Incorporating Oil:

To further enhance the texture and flavour of your Aloo Bhujia, add a small amount of oil to the mixture. Knead it well to ensure the oil is evenly distributed throughout.


Resting the Dough:

Cover the dough with a cloth and set it aside to rest for about 15-20 minutes. This resting period allows the flavours to meld and the mixture to settle.


Moulding and Frying:

After resting, take a mould with a fine sev attachment.

Fill the mould with some of the prepared dough.


Heating the Oil:

Heat oil in a frying pan. Make sure the oil is hot and ready for frying.


Frying the Aloo Bhujia:

Using the mould, press the dough directly into the hot oil. The dough will form into thin, noodle-like strands.

Deep-fry the strands until they turn crispy and take on a light golden brown hue. This should only take a few minutes.


Draining and Serving:

Once done, carefully remove the fried Aloo Bhujia from the oil and place them on a tissue paper to allow excess oil to drain.


Aloo Bhujia - Ready to Enjoy:

Your homemade Aloo Bhujia is now ready to be served. The perfect blend of spices, crispy texture, and potato goodness awaits your taste buds.



You can store any extra Aloo Bhujia in an airtight container once it has cooled. This allows you to enjoy this delightful snack at your leisure.


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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):


Q1: What is the main ingredient in Aalu Bhujia?

A1: The primary ingredient in Aalu Bhujia is boiled potatoes.


Q2: Can I adjust the spiciness of Aalu Bhujia to my preference?

A2: Yes, you can customize the spice level by varying the amount of red chili powder and other spices.


Q3: Is Aalu Bhujia a healthy snack option?

A3: While Aalu Bhujia is undoubtedly delicious, it's a deep-fried snack and should be enjoyed in moderation.


Q4: How can I store Aalu Bhujia to keep it fresh?

A4: You can store Aalu Bhujia in an airtight container once it has cooled to maintain its freshness.


Q5: Can I make variations of Aalu Bhujia with different spices?

A5: Certainly! You can experiment with various spices to create unique flavors and variations of Aalu Bhujia.


Q6: What are the key elements in achieving the perfect Aalu Bhujia texture?

A6: Achieving the ideal texture requires proper grating of potatoes, thorough kneading, and achieving the right oil temperature for frying.


Q7: How can I access Chef Ajay Chopra's courses and books?

A7: You can explore Chef Ajay Chopra's courses and books on his official website or through various online platforms.


Q8: Are there any tips for beginners attempting to make Aalu Bhujia?

A8: Beginners should focus on evenly grating the potatoes, following the recipe steps precisely, and maintaining oil temperature for crispy results.