Veg Diwani Handi Recipe

Veg Diwani Handi Recipe

25 mins
2-3 people
15 mins


Oil                                     3 tbsp

Broken cashew                 ¼ cup                           

Cashew nuts                     2 tbsp

Onion sliced                      1 ½ cup

Ghee                                 2 tbsp 

Bayleaf                              2 pcs 

Cinnamon                          ½ inch

Mace                                  2 pcs

Green cardamom               4-5 pcs

Black cardamom                2 pcs

Cloves                                6-7 pcs                                        

Ginger & garlic paste          2 tbsp

Curd                                    ½ cup

Tomato puree                      1 cup

Turmeric powder                  ½ tbsp

Red chilli powder                 1 tbsp

Coriander powder                1 tbsp

Mushroom                            1 cup

Cauliflower florets                1 cup

Green peas                          ⅓ cup

Carrot diamond cut              1 cup

French beans diamond cut   ½ cup

Coriander chopped               1 tbsp

Fresh cream                          2 tbsp


Secret masala ingredients


Fennel seeds               1 tbsp

Cinnamon                     ½ inch

Green cardamom         4 pcs

Black pepper                6-8 pcs

Cloves                          4-5 pcs

Kasoori methi               1 tbsp

Dry ginger powder        ½ tbsp

Mace                            1 pc


Secret masala blend:

In a mixer jar, add fennel seeds, cinnamon, green cardamom, mace, black pepper, cloves, kasoori methi, dry ginger powder and grind them to a fine powder. Keep this blended masala aside.

Heat a pan, add oil and let it get hot.

Add broken cashew and fry until it gets light golden brown. Then transfer it to water.

Do the same with whole cashews, fry until golden brown, strain it and keep it aside.

Heat water in a pot, add salt, cauliflower florets, green peas, diamond shaped carrot, french beans and blanch them. Transfer it to cold water and set aside.

In the same pan, fry onion slices and remove them once it gets light golden in colour.

In a mixer jar, make a paste of fried onion slices & fried broken cashew and set aside.

Use the same pan, add some ghee, add bayleaf, cinnamon, mace, green cardamom, black cardamom, cloves and let it crackle.

Then add ginger-garlic paste, yellow chilli powder and saute.

Add brown onion paste and cook for 1-2 mins. Now transfer this mixture to a handi.

Later add curd and cook until it releases oil.

Then add tomato puree and cook it for 5-6 mins.

Add turmeric powder, coriander powder, red chilli powder, salt and mix it.

Add some hot water and stir. Add fried cashew nut paste.

Then add mushroom and blanched vegetables. Give a quick stir and cook for 3-4 mins.

Finally add blended masala, chopped coriander, fresh cream and mix it.

Our Diwani handi is ready to serve.