Project information

  • Name: Saraza, Banquet and Bakery
  • Concept: Artisan Bakery and Gourmet Pastry Shop

Description of Project

Turnkey, Creator, Management

Scope of work:

Stage 1 – Concept Planning and Feasibility Study

➢ Assessment the suitability of the location for operations

➢ Competition analysis and recognition of the Target Group

➢ Propose and finalize the concept and formulate a USP

➢ Estimated a Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Budget for the property with business projections & ROI

➢ Concept generation

➢ Draft the location and suggest site layouts

Stage 2 – Layout and Equipment Planning

➢ Planned and Designed and layout of the restaurant , bar, kitchen, F & B space, and common areas with the ergonomic usage of space. These layouts are finalized in consultation with the client and architect/interior designer

➢ Made a Bulk Order Quantity (BOQ) list with detailed technical specifications of the equipment required, department specific

➢ Implemented essential safety measures at the planning stage keeping in mind Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) guidelines

➢ We provided assistance in identifying vendors for all equipment required for your Outlet.

➢ Other equipment that we Assist with our Associates to procure:-

• Point of Sale (POS) Machines & Software-

• Audio Visual Systems
• Concept Based Decorative

Stage 3 – Technical Detailing

➢ Civil layout (including, Kitchen, Bar, Stores and F&B spaces)

➢ Detailed electrical points plan for concerned areas

➢ Gas bank planning and installation with all safety measures in place

➢ Fixtures, Fittings, Acoustics & Lighting suggestions

➢ Suggestions for creative collaterals help with design agency.

➢ Linen and Uniforms design

➢ Proposed Salary, Wages and Benefits (SWB) lists

Stage 4 – Proposing & Finalization of the Vendor

➢ Proposed a Crockery, Cutlery & Glassware (CCG) requirement for the outlet and vendors for the same

➢ Suggested and assisted in identifying appropriate vendors/suppliers and purchase order of the items mentioned

➢ Assisted in formulating all food and beverage consumable Vendor list.

Stage 5 – Execution

➢ Software & Hardware planning for POS/IT

➢ Setup Management Information Systems (MIS) reports for the outlet, for example-DSR, Excellence Ratio, Daily P & L, Cost Reports, etc.

➢ Regular site visits and supervision of the ongoing project work (as agreed). Regular updates on the project status, finances, material requirements and other entities is discussed with the Client.

➢ Initial inventories set up, par stocks etc.

➢ Processes guiding for Hiring, Training, Operations, Stores/Purchases

Soft Skills Profiling and Training of Personnel:
➢ Interviewing and hiring of personnel on Client recommendation (Please note, we do not provide manpower but will assist in appointing key personnel and on site recruitment)

➢ Manpower budgets

➢ Trials of F&B (along with your Chef & Manager)

➢ Cutlery, Crockery, Glassware & accessories budget, planning & procurement

➢ Dry runs pre-opening

➢ Provided Customized Training Solutions for FOH and BOH personnel, pertaining to Your Establishment’s Requirement such as- F&B Knowledge, Soft Skills, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), Standard Operating Recipes (SOR’s), On job Operational Audit Checks (OAC’s)

➢ Specialized training modules

Pre-Launch and Post Launch

➢ Coordinate with contractors for the completion of all related work

➢ Providing detailed recipes, menu and final menu trials

➢ Ongoing post operation mentoring

➢ Brand expansion strategy