Shalgam Meat  Recipe

Shalgam Meat Recipe

30 mins
2-3 people
10 mins

Shalgam Meat


2 tbsp Mustard Oil.

1 no. of Cinnamon.

1 no. of Bayleaf.

3-4 nos. of Cloves.

2-3 nos. of Green Cardamons.

1 no. of Black Cardamon.

1 small bowl of finely chopped Onions.

1 big bowl of Mutton.

1 tsp Turmeric.

2 tsp diluted Ginger-Garlic paste.

1 tsp Red Chilli Powder.

1 tsp Coriander Powder.

1 bowl of Curd.

2-3 nos. of roughly chopped Turnip.

1 small bowl of julienne Ginger.

1 no. of Green Chilli.

Salt to taste.

1-2 nos. of chopped Tomatoes.

1 small bowl of chopped Coriander leaves.

1/2 tsp Garam Masala.

  • Method:

  • Start with some mustard oil in a pan and then add one Cinnamon, a Bayleaf, a few cloves, a few Green Cardamon, and one Black Cardamon to the Oil. 

  • After this add finely chopped Onions in it and sauté the Onions till they turn brown. After the Onions get brown add the Mutton to the pan. Mix everything and cook it. 

  • As the Mutton gets a little roasted add some turmeric powder to it.

  •  Now dilute some Ginger-Garlic paste with a little water and add it to the Mutton and mix it. Let it cook for a while. 

  • Now add red chili powder and coriander powder and mix everything nicely and sprinkle some water into it so that the masalas don’t burn.

  •  After that pour a bowl of Curd into the pan and keep stirring it continuously to cook the Curd properly.

  •  When the oil starts oozing out of the Curd that indicates that it is cooked and then we add 2-3 roughly chopped Turnips along with some finely chopped Ginger. 

  • Then break a Green Chilli and add it and then add some salt and mix it well. You can cook it in a pan or a cooker, as you want it.

  • It takes lesser time to cook in a cooker. Now add the mixture to the cooker and let it cook up till 3 whistles after which we again put it in a pan and then add tomatoes to it and cook it further. 

  • Now add chopped Coriander leaves and mix well. Put the lid on and cook it for some more time. 

  • After a while remove the lid and add some more Ginger julienne, chopped Coriander leaves, and very little Garam Masala and stir it well.

  • Finally, give it a nice stir and it is ready to eat. 

  • Plate it in a nice pot and it is ready to be served in a dish and garnish it with some Basil, Olives, Pepper, and very little extra virgin Olive Oil.