Indori poha with instant jalebi Recipe

Indori poha with instant jalebi Recipe

40 Mins
6-7 people
15 Mins

Indori poha with instant jalebi Recipe


Jeeravan masala 

Coriander seeds 2 tbsp

Jeera 1 tbsp

Saunf 1 tbsp

Bayleaf 5 pcs 

Cinnamon 1 inch 

Mace 1 pc

Cloves 8-10 pcs 

Black pepper 10-12 pcs

Nutmeg ½ pc

Salt ½ tbsp

Black salt ½ tbsp

Turmeric powder ¼ tbsp

Red chilli powder 1 tbsp

Dry ginger powder 1 tsp

Hing ½ tsp


Refined flour ½ tbsp

Cornflour 2 tbsp

Curd 2 tbsp

Baking soda a pinch 

Water ½ cup

Food colour orange ½ tsp

Ghee 1 tbsp

Sugar 1 cup

Water ½ cup

Green cardamom 2 pcs

Green cardamom powder a pinch

Saffron 10-12 strands 

Food colour ½ tsp


Oil 2 tbsp

Coriander seeds 1 tbsp 

Black pepper ½ tbsp

Bay leaf 3 pcs

Saunf ½ tbsp

Jeera ½ tbsp

Mustard seeds ½ tbsp

Pounded coriander seeds & black pepper 1 tbsp

Green chilli chopped 1 tbsp

Green peas ¼ cup

Hing dissolve in water 1 tsp

Turmeric powder ½ tbsp

Poha 3 cups

Sugar 2 tbsp

Jeeravan masala ½ tbsp

Salt ½ tbsp

Pomegranate seeds 1 tbsp

Onion chopped ½ cup

Ratlami sev ½ cup


Jeeravan masala:

Heat a pan, add all whole spices in the ingredient list and lightly toast them.

Then add salt, black salt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, dry ginger powder, hing and mix it.

Transfer it to a mixer jar and grind it to a fine powder.

Jeeravan masala is ready. Store it in an airtight container. 


In a bowl, add refined flour, cornflour, curd, baking soda, water, yellow food colour and mix it with the help of whisk.

The jalebi batter should be of thick consistency. Set the batter aside for 15-20 mins.

Later add ghee and mix it. Transfer the batter to a squeeze bottle.

Heat ghee in a flat kadai for frying jalebi.

Now pour jalebi batter through a squeeze bottle and make a round shape like jalebi.

Deep fry them on medium heat until they are crisp.

Once done, remove the jalebi and transfer it to a warm sugar syrup.

Soak them in sugar syrup for 4-5 mins and then remove it on a plate.

Jalebi is ready to serve with Indori style poha.

Indori poha:

Wash poha with water and it gets clean.

Strain the water and add jeeravan masala, sugar and mix it. Keep it aside.

In a mortar and pestle, add coriander seeds, black pepper and coarsely pound them.

Heat oil in a pan, add jeera, bayleaf, sauf, mustard seeds, pounded coriander seeds & black pepper and let them crackle.

Then add green chilli chopped and saute.

Later add turmeric powder, green peas, hing water and cook them.

Then add soaked poha, salt and carefully mix it.

Cover it with a lid and cook it on low flame for 5-6 mins.

Indori style poha is ready to serve.

Garnish it with jeeravan masala, pomegranate seeds, chopped onion, chopped coriander and serve with hot jalebi.