Every time I go to my local grocery store, a general home goods store, or IKEA, the craze these days, I’m surprised at the sheer amount of kitchen gadgets and cooking tools that exist. It seems like there’s a slicer, dicer, peeler, and chopper for just about every fruit and vegetable. There are different spatulas and pans for cooking all sorts of things. You can even get machines that are made to only make waffles. If you’ve ever attempted to purchase cookware for a new kitchen or simply tried to improve the quality of tools in your current kitchen you’ve probably found that stocking up on high-quality kitchen essentials is much more difficult than it should be. Here is my list of recommendations I found under Rs 1500/- i.e durable and value for money.

1) Digital Weighing Scale Weight Machine

A very nice build with an accuracy of almost 100% plus very convenient, handy, and perfectly value for money. I see many people say that they are not 100