Patra Recipe

Patra Recipe

25 Mins
6-7 people
10 Mins

Patra Recipe


Colocasia (arbi) leaves 5-6 pcs

Tamarind pulp ¼ cup

Jaggery melted ¼ cup

Green chilli, Ginger & Garlic paste 1 tbsp

Hing 1 ½ tsp

Ajwain 1 tsp

Salt ½ tbsp

Turmeric powder 1 tsp

Red chilli powder ½ tbsp

Coriander powder ½ tbsp

Baking soda a pinch

Besan 1 ½ cup

Sesame seeds ½ tbsp ½ tbsp

Garam masala 1 tsp

Water as required 

Oil 2 tbsp 3 tbsp

Jeera ½ tbsp

Mustard seeds ½ tbsp

Curry leaves 8-10 leaves

Sugar 1 tbsp


Wash and clean arbi leaves. Dry it with a cloth, cut the excess stem and try to make it flat.

In a bowl add tamarind pulp, green chilli-ginger-garlic paste, hing, ajwain, salt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, baking soda and mix it.

Then add besan, some water and make a thick paste.

Heat oil in a pan, add this hot oil to the besan mixture and mix it.

On a flat surface, place the arbi leaf, apply a layer of besan mixture and then place another leaf on it.

Again apply the mixture and repeat this process for 3-4 times.

Once done, fold the edges, roll it to a cylindrical shape and seal the edges by filling the besan paste.

Heat a steamer, place the rolled arbi leaves in it and steam it for 10-12 mins.

Then remove and let it cool. Slice them and set aside.

Heat oil in a pan, place the slices and shallow fry them. 

Heat oil in a pan, add jeera, mustard seeds, sesame seeds, curry leaves and let it crackle.

Then add some water, sugar, salt and mix it.

Now, gently toss the slices and remove it on a plate.

2 variations of Patra are ready to serve.