Chocolate Lava Cake  Recipe

Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe

10 min
2-3 People
15 min

Choco lava cake recipe


Choco lava cake, also known as molten chocolate cake or chocolate fondant, is a delectable and indulgent dessert that has captured the hearts of chocolate enthusiasts worldwide. Its irresistible combination of a soft outer cake with a gooey, molten chocolate center makes it a perfect treat for any special occasion or a delightful way to satisfy your sweet cravings. In this 500-word article, we will explore the simple yet enchanting recipe and method to create this luscious Choco Lava Cake.






1 bowl of Chocolate

1 bowl of Butter

3 large Eggs

1 tablespoon of Sugar

1 tablespoon of Refined Flour

Start by boiling water in a pot. Place a heatproof glass bowl on top of the pot, making sure it doesn't touch the boiling water. Add one bowl of chopped chocolate or chocolate chips and one bowl of unsalted butter cubes to the glass bowl. Let the steam from the boiling water melt the chocolate and butter gently, stirring occasionally until you achieve a smooth and velvety mixture. Remove the bowl from the pot and let it cool slightly.

In a separate mixing bowl, whisk three large eggs until they are light and frothy. Add one tablespoon of sugar to the whisked eggs and continue whisking until the sugar is well incorporated.

Next, add one tablespoon of refined flour (all-purpose flour) to the egg-sugar mixture and gently whisk again until the flour is fully blended. Ensure there are no lumps, and the batter is smooth and consistent.

Slowly pour the cooled chocolate-butter mixture into the egg-sugar-flour mixture. With a gentle folding motion, combine the ingredients until you have a homogenous batter. Be careful not to overmix the batter; it should have a light and airy texture.

To bake the Choco Lava Cake, you'll need small oven-proof bowls or ramekins. Coat the inside of each bowl with butter to prevent the cake from sticking. After buttering, lightly dust the bowls with dry refined flour, tapping out any excess flour. This step ensures that the cake easily comes out of the mold once baked.

Pour the prepared Choco Lava Cake batter into the buttered and floured bowls. Fill each bowl only up to about 3/4th of its capacity, as the cake will rise during baking. Leaving some space allows the molten chocolate center to form beautifully.

Preheat your oven to 180 C. Once the oven reaches the desired temperature, carefully place the filled bowls on a baking tray and slide it into the oven. Bake the Choco Lava Cakes for approximately 10 minutes or until the outer edges are set, and the center remains slightly jiggly.

After 10 minutes of baking, take out the Choco Lava Cakes from the oven. The outer cake should be firm to touch, while the center will be a pool of molten chocolate goodness. The key to the perfect Choco Lava Cake is to ensure that the center remains liquidy and gooey.


Indulge in the decadent world of Choco Lava Cake, where the rich and gooey molten chocolate center complements the soft and airy outer cake. This simple yet enchanting dessert is a show-stopper at any gathering, a romantic treat for a date night, or a delightful way to pamper yourself after a long day. Whether you are a die-hard chocolate lover or simply someone with a sweet tooth, Choco Lava Cake is sure to leave you in awe and craving for more.