Chocolate Bhel  Recipe

Chocolate Bhel Recipe

5 min
2-3 People
15 min

Chocolate Bhel by Chef Ajay Chopra


Murmura - 200 grams

White chocolate - 100 grams

Dark chocolate - 100 grams

Corn flakes - 100 grams

Cashew nuts - 20 grams

Raisins - 20 grams

Tutti Frutti - 10 gram

Gems - 1 small packet

Candied Orange peel chopped - 20 grams

Honey - 30 ml

Strawberry sauce - 30 ml

Peanut chikki ( crumbled) - 40 grams

Chocolate sauce (optional) - 30 ml


For chocolate coating:

1. Melt both the chocolate separately on a double boiler or microwave oven

2. Divide murmura into two batch and allow it to chill in freezer

3. Quickly toss one batch of murmura with dark chocolate and another with white chocolate till it coats evenly.

4. Then allow it to cool completely

5.In a bowl add some chopped candied orange, some chikki and some cornflakes, some gems and tutti frutti.

6. Then in this add the white chocolate and dark chocolate murmura and mix it well.

7.Finally toss it with some strawberry sauce and honey and serve it in a paper cone.