Kathal Nihari Recipe

Kathal Nihari Recipe

40 Mins
6-7 people
10 Mins

Kathal Nihari Recipe

Portions serving: 6-7 pax

Preparation time: 10 mins

Cooking time: 40 mins


Khatal 500 gms

Mustard oil ½ cup

Kewra water 1 tbsp 1 tbsp

Kabuli chala boiled ¼ cup

Mushroom 1 cup

Kabuli chana stock 4 cups

Onion sliced 1½ cup

Ginger & garlic paste 2 tbsp

Green chilli slit 3 pcs

Turmeric powder 1 tbsp

Salt 1 tbsp

Deggi mirch powder ½ tbsp

Ghee 2 tbsp

Besan ½ tbsp

Wheat flour/ Atta 1 tbsp

Green chilli (slices) 1 pc

Ginger juliennes 1 tbsp

Edible sweet ethar 2 drops

Saffron 6-7 strands

Nihari powdered masala:

Coriander seeds 4 tbsp

Jeera 2 tbsp

Shahi jeera ½ tbsp

Black pepper ½ tbsp

Cinnamon 1½ inch

Star anise 1 pc

Black cardamom 2 pcs

Green cardamom 5 pcs

Long pepper/pipli 2 pcs

Paan ki jad 1 inch 

Mace 1 pc

Saunf 2 tbsp

Cloves ½ tbsp

Rose petals dried 4 tbsp

Dagad phool 2 tbsp

Nutmeg ½ pc

Bay leaf 2 pcs

Potli masala:

Bayleaf 2 pcs 

Black cardamom 1 pc

Coriander seeds 1 tbsp

Jeera ½ tbsp

Dagad phool 1 tbsp

Cinnamon 1 inch

Star anise 2 pcs 

Green cardamom 3-4 pcs

Mace 1 tbsp

Nutmeg ¼ pc

Rose petals dried 1 tbsp

Mace ½ pc

Saunf ½ tbsp

Paan ki jad ½ inch

Cloves 3 pcs

Long pepper/ pipli 1 pc


Remote the skin of the kathal and cut it into cubes. 

Heat water in a pan, add kathal, salt, turmeric powder and boil it for 2-3 mins.

Then remove them in a bowl and store the water aside.


For the powdered nihari masala:

Take a mixer jar, add all the whole spices mentioned in the ingredients list.

Grind it to fine powder and set aside. 


For the potli masala:

Take a muslin cloth, add all the spices mentioned in the ingredients list.

Tie a knot and make a potli of the whole masalas.

Process for nihari:

Take a mixer jar, add boiled chickpeas, mushrooms, some chickpea stock and puree it. Set aside until use in further.

Heat a pan, add ¼ cup mustard oil and let it heat.

Then add kewra water, and cover it with a lid.

Once it stops to splutter, add blanched kathal and sear it on high flame for a minute. Remove them in a bowl and set aside.

Now, in the same pan, add onion slices and cook until it gets golden brown.

Then add a little chana stock, ginger & garlic paste and cook it.

Then add slit green chilli, the masala potli, mushroom & chickpea puree, chickpea stock, turmeric powder, deggi mirch powder, kathal stock and cook it for 2-3 mins.

Then add nihari powdered masala, khatal and mix it. Cover with a lid and cook it on low flame for 10-15 mins.

Once done, remove khatal aside, strain the gravy through the strainer.

Now, heat a pan, add ghee, wheat flour, besan and roast them for a few seconds.

Then transfer the strained gravy to the pan and mix it.

Add kathal, kewra water, ginger julienne, green chilli slit, coriander, mint, edible sweet ethar, nihari powdered masala and cook it for a minute.

Kathal nihari is ready to serve.