Project information

  • Name: Timo
  • Concept: European Restaurant with local influence
  • Location: PUNE

Description of Project

Turnkey Management

Scope of work:

Concept Planning
Kitchen Planning
Kitchen Designing
Kitchen Equipment
Kitchen Smallware
Packaging supplies suggestion

Human Resources/ Staffing
HR Budget
Identification of Key Positions
Final Selection of Candidates for Key Positions
Job Descriptions Module
Organizational Chart
Uniform requirement & Design
Uniform Identification (Design)
Vendor lists
Initial / Pre-Opening Ordering
Par Stock & Ordering Forms
Training Modules
Standard service specification
Master Training Calendar
Set date for training schedule
Food Menu & Costing
Finalize Menu
Finalize recipes and costings
First tasting
Second tasting
Tastings for team
Beverage Menu & Costing
Menu Mix
Menu Pricing
Standard recipe book/doc
Regular kitchen cleaning schedules
Kitchen daily pre/market order lists
Operational Manuals
Safety manual
Kitchen manual