Project information

  • Name: JUGNU GOA
  • Concept: Tropical Restaurant
  • Location: GOA

Description of Project


JUGNU GOA will be situated amidst the lush landscapes of Assagao, within a picturesque Portuguese bungalow. As it takes shape, this tropical restaurant will offer a culinary journey inspired by both tropical Indian and international cuisines, ensuring there will be something to tantalize every palate. The menu will feature a delightful blend of international dishes crafted with locally sourced Goan ingredients, showcasing the rich diversity of flavors. From traditional Goan curries representing different communities to a tempting selection of tapas and creatively reinvented classic desserts, JUGNU GOA will promise a feast for the senses. Additionally, guests will have the opportunity to indulge in comforting dishes throughout the day. JUGNU GOA will invite diners to savor the essence of Goa in every bite and sip, creating unforgettable dining experiences.