Domino's Style Home Made Pizza Recipe

Domino's Style Home Made Pizza Recipe

20 mins
2-3 people
15 mins

Domino's Style Home Made Pizza

For pizza dough

●   Flour  1Cup

●   Dry  yeast2 Tsp

●   Castor  sugar2 Tsp

●   Salt  to taste

● Olive oil 1 tbsp

For pizza Sauce

●   Olive   oil 2Tbsp

●   Tomato  4-5

●   Salt  To taste

●   Pepper 2 Tsp

●   Garlic 7-8

●   Basil 2Tbsp


For pizza topping

●   Oregano 1Tsp

●   Yellow  capsicum1/4 Cup

●   Green  capsicums 1/4 Cup

● Big red chili 2-3  

●   Onion dices 1/4Cup

●   Olives 4-5 Non

●   Baby  corn 2-3 Non

●   Mozzarella  cheese1/2Cup


● In warm water add dry yeast, castor sugar mix, and leave it for 10 min, and allow the yeast to bloom

● In a seperate bowl add maida, salt, and yeast  mixture

●  knead the dough gradually mixing up all the ingredients and oil ,make a smooth and pliable dough

● Cover the dough with damp cloth and Leave it to ferment for one hour

● For topping

● Heat olive oil and tossed capsicums, onions, big red chili with oregano.

For pizza sauce

● In a mixer, jar adds tomato, garlic, basil olive oil, salt, pepper, and make a fine puree.

 For pizza bread

● Knock the dough make 2 balls sprinkle little flour and proove for 15 min

● After 15 min roll the dough with hand or witha rolling pin

● Place the rolled pizza dough on a greased baking sheet

●  apply pizza sauce all over

● add  grated cheese and tossed vegetable, blanched baby corn, olives

● then  preheat the oven at 180-degree and baked the pizza bake 220-degree for 7 to 8 min or till it is done

● Slice the pizza, serve hot