Black Forest Cake   Recipe

Black Forest Cake Recipe

50 min
4-5 people
20 min


For Sponge

Dark chocolate – 170 gm

Butter – 170 gm

Flour – 170 gm

Eggs – 6 nos

Sugar – 280 gm


For Garnish

Cream whipped – 500 gm

Ganache – 150 gm

Cherries – 75 gm

Cherry liqueur – 30 ml

Sugar syrup – 100 ml

Chocolate flakes – 50 gm



Make a mix of sugar syrup & cherry liqueur.

Divide the whipped cream into 3 equal portions, mix 1 portion with ganache.

Place the ready sponge on to the cake board, Soak the sponge with the sugar syrup mix   

Make sure to keep the balance to soak the remaining 2 layer of sponge.

Layer the chocolate cream on to the soaked sponge, then place the second sponge on top & soak it with the sugar syrup mix.

Layer the plan whipped cream on the second soaked sponge scatters the cherries on to the cream, then place the 3 sponges on top

Soak it with the remaining sugar syrup mix. Layer the remaining whipped cream on top & give a smooth finish.

Cut into pastry size garnish with chocolate flakes & some cherries.