Cheese Corn Samosa Recipe

Cheese Corn Samosa Recipe

30 Mins
5-6 people
10 Mins

Cheese Corn Samosa Recipe


Refine flour 1 ½ cup

Oil 2 tbsp

Salt ½ tbsp

Water as required 


Oil 2 tbsp

Garlic chopped 1 tbsp

Boiled corn kernels 1 cup

Black pepper powder ½ tsp 

Oregano 1/ tbsp

Chilli flakes ½ tbsp

Salt ½ tbsp

Potato boiled 1 pc 

Cheese ½ cup

Oil for deep frying

On a plate, take refined flour, add salt and oil to it.

Rub it nicely until oil gets incorporated.

Then add water and knead it to a tight dough.

Cover the dough and set it aside.

In a mixer jar, add boiled corn kernels, and coarse grind it.

Heat a pan, add oil, garlic chopped and saute them until golden brown.

Then add crushed corn, some corn kernels and saute them.

Then add crushed black pepper, oregano, chilli flakes, salt and saute.

Once they are cooked, transfer the mixture on a plate to cool.

Then add grated boiled potato, grated cheese and mix it.

Then take the dough, divide it into portions, apply oil and set aside.

Take one portion of a dough and roll it to an oblong shape.

Cut it from the centre, and place the sheet upon another sheet.

Lightly make the gashes over the sheet and make sure it doesn't tear the bottom sheet.

Now apply water to the edges, and fold it into a triangle cone.

Fill the stuffing and fold it to a samosa shape.

Heat oil in a pan to medium hot temperature.

Deep fry these samosas on low flame until it gets crisp.

After 4-5 mins keep the flame to medium high heat.

Once it gets golden brown remove them on tissue.

Serve these hot cheese corn samosa with tomato ketchup.