Chicken Curry for Beginners Recipe

Chicken Curry for Beginners Recipe

25 mins
3-4 servings
15 mins

Chicken Curry for Beginners


Oil 4 tbsp

chicken curry cut 1kg

ginger 50g

garlic 50g

red chilly powder 1tsp

turmeric powder half tsp

salt - to taste

kasoori methi

cumin powder 1tsp

onion 5 piece

dahi 1 bowl

oil 4 tbsp

Tomatoes 4bpiece

Green chilli to taste

Cloves 3 piece

Bayleaf 2piece

Cardamom 3piece



Cut onion into thin slices and set aside

Using a clean and sanitized bowl add all the ingredients except oil ,onion and whole spices

Set it aside for 30 min

 In a cooker add 4tbsp oil

Jeera and whole other spices

Add sliced  onion and cook till golden brown

 Add ginger garlic paste and I small piece ginger, 1 garlic cloves.

Add green chilli to the taste

Add Chopped tomatoes

Add dhaniya powder 1 tsp, haldi , chilli powder 1tsp

Add water

 Add marinated chicken to the pot

Add chicken masala

 Garnish with kasoori methi and dhaniya