Jalebi Sticks Recipe

Jalebi Sticks Recipe

15 mins
2-3 people
20 mins

Jalebi Sticks 

In the world of culinary delights, Jalebi Sticks bring a new twist to the traditional spiral-shaped jalebis we all know and love.

As we reminisce about the unique events of the past year, one thing remains constant: our desire to innovate and create something extraordinary for our loved ones.


Portions serving: 8-9 pax

Preparation time: 10 hrs

Cooking time: 40 mins


Jalebi Batter:

- 3 cups flour

- 1/2 cup cornflour

- 2 cups hung curd

- 1 1/2 tsp baking soda



- 1/2 cup ghee (optional)

- 1/2 cup sunflower oil


Chasni (Sugar Syrup):

- 3 cups sugar

- 3 cups water

- 5 strands of saffron



- 3 cups milk

- 1 cup mawa (khoya)

- 2 tbsp sugar

- 5 strands of saffron




1. Begin by preparing the Jalebi Batter. In a mixing bowl, combine the flour, cornflour, hung curd, and baking soda. Gradually add water to achieve a thick dropping consistency. Allow the batter to ferment overnight, which will enhance its flavor and give the Jalebi Sticks a light and airy texture.


2. Once the batter is ready, transfer it into a squeeze bottle, making it easier to shape the Jalebi Sticks later. Set the bottle aside while you prepare the other components.


3. Now, let's make the Chasni, a sweet and aromatic sugar syrup that will infuse the Jalebi Sticks with sweetness. In a saucepan, combine sugar, water, and saffron strands. Boil the mixture until it reaches a one-string consistency, which means that when you take a small amount of syrup between your fingers and stretch them apart, a single string of syrup should form.


4. Moving on to the Rabri, pour the milk into a heavy-bottomed pan and bring it to a boil. Allow the milk to simmer and reduce to half its original quantity. Add the mawa (khoya) to the milk, creating a luscious and creamy texture. Continue cooking on a slow flame, adding sugar and saffron strands to enhance the Rabri's richness and flavor.


5. Now, it's time to fry the Jalebi Sticks. Heat a mixture of ghee and sunflower oil in a deep pan over medium flame. With the help of the squeeze bottle filled with the Jalebi Batter, carefully shape the batter into thin, stick-like forms. Allow them to cook until they turn crisp and light brown, infusing the kitchen with a delightful aroma that will leave everyone eagerly anticipating the final creation.


6. Once the Jalebi Sticks are cooked to perfection, transfer them to the sugar syrup (Chasni), ensuring they are evenly soaked in the sweetness.


7. To serve, arrange the soaked Jalebi Sticks on a platter, and generously drizzle them with the delectable Rabri. The combination of the crisp Jalebi Sticks and the creamy Rabri will create a harmonious and divine experience for the taste buds.


As you present the Jalebi Rabdi Sticks to your little ones, watch their eyes light up with excitement and joy.

This visually appealing and scrumptious creation is not only a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes.

The perfect blend of crispy, sweet, and creamy elements will make this dessert a hit among all age groups.


So, why not create cherished memories and share moments of delight with your loved ones? Indulge in the magic of Jalebi Rabdi Sticks, a delightful innovation that infuses tradition with innovation. Enjoy this sweet and enchanting journey into the world of culinary wonders, making every day a celebration of love and flavors.