Easy Mac & Cheese  Recipe

Easy Mac & Cheese Recipe

30 mins
2-3 people
10 mins

Easy Mac & Cheese


Boiled Macaroni         2 cups

Oil                              2 tbsp

Garlic                         2 tbsp

Onion                         ½ cup

Oregano                    1 tbsp

Salt                            1 tbsp

Refine flour                2 tbsp

Butter                         2 tbsp

Milk                            300 ml

Black pepper             1 tsp

Cheddar cheese       40 gms

Mozzarella cheese   40 gms

Kurkure                     20 gms


Heat a pan, add butter, refine flour and cook it for a few seconds.

Add warm milk, stir and cook till it comes to boil. White sauce is ready, keep it aside.

Heat a fresh pan, add oil, chopped garlic and lightly saute it.

Then add chopped onion and cook till it becomes translucent.

Add oregano, white sauce and salt.

Then add boiled pasta and mix it.

Add cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese and cook till it melts.

Transfer to a baking bowl, top it with grated cheese and crushed kurkure as shown in video. Bake it for 8-9 mins and serve.