Bring out the Master Chef in you

One on one with our very own Executive Chef Ajay Chopra on Bring out the Master Chef in you.

After being the judge at Master Chef India for 2 seasons, it is a humbling fact that has come to real light, our country has got so much talent and there is a Master Chef in each home, there is a Master Chef in you. Anybody who thrives to create something tasty and put it on a plate is a chef but somebody who creates that with immense passion and does that consistently every time is a Master Chef. You have to have persistence, passion and commitment to create master dishes every time.

Your take on culinary trends in India and the evolving food industry. The Food Industry has been ever growing but we see a huge evolution now. People are very well travelled now and they are exposed to good food and varied cuisines more than ever before. Cuisine is taking a big leap and world cuisine is taking its well deserved place in India. With regards to culinary trends, molecular gastronomy is showing itself in few spurts but the focus is on chef crafted food which is beautifully presented and is filled with flavor. What inspires you to create new dishes and innovate? Creating new dishes is exactly like creating a new painting. You imagine a new combination of flavors, various textures start playing on your mind and then you brush some strokes of creativity which evolves into a new dish. But having said it so melodramatically, it doesn’t just happen! The science behind the food comes into play, many trials need to be done and recipes need to be standardized before a new masterpiece is launched for the discerning palate. Top 5 essentials one must have in their kitchen. Love, passion, commitment, ingredients and obviously (pots, pan, fire and so on) to cook. Your advice to those young Master Chefs who wish to take up cooking as profession. My advice to anybody who wants to take up cooking as a profession is very simple. All that glitters is not gold. There is relentless hard work, commitment and sweat involved for anybody to reach up there. When the whole world enjoys you will have to work, these are all hard facts but the fruit of this labor is sweet. If you have the passion, commitment, drive and love for food then nothing can hold you back from shining.