Live and exclusive with celebrated Chef Ajay Chopra

Master Chef Ajay Chopra is the front man of the culinary team at The Westin Mumbai Garden City. His latest delicacies and skills in the kitchen can best be displayed at Kangan, the chic Indian dining venue located in The Westin Mumbai Garden City.

Before his claim to fame as Masterchef , Ajay built on his skills at the Oberoi Center for Learning and Development (OCLD) and emerged a gold medalist. He began his career by being assigned as chef at Kandahar, the Indian specialty restaurant at the Oberoi New Delhi where he put his own culinary twist on the Indian cuisine there.

Ajay then moved to the J.W Marriott in Mumbai where he led operations at Saffron as the Chef de Cuisine and the Lotus Café. Moving along his culinary journey, Ajay then found himself in London where he became the Executive Head Chef of the acclaimed Mint Leaf chain of restaurants. During his tenure in London Ajay took Mint Leaf to new heights in Indian cuisine and was also voted as among the top eight best Indian Chefs in London. Ajay prides himself on his modern take on classical Indian dishes with a tantalizing twist.

A sneak peek into the one on one ‘rapid fire round’ with our Executive Chef offering an insight into his experiences and path to success: What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?Playing the guitar, being with my family, playing with my son What are your pet peeves?Hate people who are dishonest, red-tapism, What inspires you?Very innovative thoughts by different people, people who are on the edge, I take inspiration from day to day interactions One thing you wish to change. Me not being so fat Food For Thought Cooking is not difficult. It’s an expression and your heart and your palate. What’s your favorite food? Chinese, Bar-b-que pork dim-sum.