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Cooking Tips

To peel the skin of almonds, tomatoes or peaches, simply soak in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. The skin can be easily removed.

For avoiding kebabs to become harder to chew, marinate them for a longer time and avoid over cooking them.

For thick but dairy-free soup, add some cashew cream, Soak one cup of raw cashews in water for six to eight hours, drain and rinse them, and blend with 3/4 cup water until smooth.

To separate each string of noodles or any thin pasta, run it under cold water immediately after boiling and draining the water.

Tomato paste or sauce can be used instead of fresh tomatoes. This saves a lot of chopping time.

While chopping vegetables, chop in a bulk, use what is needed and put the remaining in the fridge for later use. Chopping a vegetable at a stretch saves a lot of time.

Whenever vegetables or dal is cooked in water, many nutrients are left back in the water. So do not throw it away instead use it when making some gravies or soups.

Keep coriander leaves in a ait tight plastic box in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for a long time.

To make softer chapatis, take flour in a bowl, add salt and little oil. Then add boiled water and mix slowly until soft dough is formed. Keep it aside for 15 min before making the chapatis.

In case you forget to soak chana/rajma overnight, soak the chana/Rajma in the boiling water for an hour before cooking.

Whenever you are pan searing a fish start searing it skin side first as it crispens well and also it's easier as it dosen't break.

Press & Media

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Hi Tea

Taking time to relax and unwind shouldn’t be something you only do on weekends! FoodFood’s Hi Tea with Chef Ajay Chopra is a brand new series that focuses on effortless, foolproof recipes that are guaranteed to enrich your evenings.


Chop Chop Chopra

One Stop Destination to learn gourmet cooking from Chef Ajay Chopra himself who has spent thousands of hours in 5 star kitchens. Ajay's passion for cooking is the basic ingredient, which gives birth to his lip smacking dishes.



An innovative series of glorious vegetarian foods aired by NDTV Good Times, India, Veggistan portrays Ajay's green journey in a series of enticing episodes.The show is one hundred percent vegetarian, where Green Gets its Glory.


MasterChef India

The most popular cooking competition show MasterChef does not need any introduction. Ajay co-hosted and judged MasterChef India Season 1 and 2 with other premium chefs.



Being a popular celebrity in Culinary World, Ajay is feaured across the web, print media and television. Get the glimpses of Chef Ajay in leading newspapers, magazines and e-papers from across the world.This is my story. Truth be told, it is a story of a journey that has led me till here. Like any journey which you might undertake, it will take you from a point to another. Mine certainly has, a road filled with adventures, lost directions.



Being a down to earth and fun loving person, Ajay loves to host and participate in Food Events. Know more about the Chef's events and enjoy Chef Ajay Chopra in action.


Meet Chef

Ajay Chopra

Being a Chef, travelling is a core part in Ajay's life. He loves to travel world wide and experience the local cuisine offered. Ajay is an avid traveller and in each of his tours, he explores the food of different local cuisines.


Cooking and food innovation is Ajay's passion. Being a true food lover, Ajay believes food can bring miracle to one's life specially when it is given it's value and cooked with the right mix of ingredients, heat and warmth of love.


Ajay is a devoted family person.He leads a happy life with a small and loving family. Devoted Father of Akshat and Ashish, Loving Husband of Amrita, ajay believes in Family being the first in Life priorities.