Bell pepper & Tomato sauce pizza

Bell pepper & Tomato sauce pizza

30 mins
40 mins

Bell Pepper & Tomato Sauce Pizza


Ingredients :

Flour - 120 gm 

Water - 75 gm (65 percent hydration dough) 

Salt - 5 gm 

Yeast - 7 gm


Make a dough by mixing all the ingredients together and keep it for resting for at least 2 hrs.

Shape it like a ball and rest for another 30 mins and the dough is ready to use 


Pizza sauce - 

1 red bell pepper

1  tomato

1/2 onion

6 cloves garlic

7 gm sugar 




1) Roast bell pepper on the gas stove directly on the flame till black on all sides and rest it for 15 mins in a bowl, remove the outside layer of the bell pepper by hand and de-seed and keep the bell pepper aside.

2) in a saucepan add some olive oil, 6 cloves of garlic, half an onion roughly chopped and saute for 2 mins on medium flame.

3) Add 1 roughly chopped tomato and saute, cook for 10 mins.

4) add bell pepper, salt and pepper, sugar, fresh herbs of choice, and basil and cook for another 10 mins with lid on.

5) add the mixture to a blender or use a hand blender and make a smooth sauce.


Assemble - 

1) shape the dough, give it shape by hand and make a flat round shape.

2) can also use a rolling pin but don't make the dough too flat.

3) apply the sauce on the dough.

4) add some shredded mozzarella on it.

5) use any toppings of choice, preferably onions, bell pepper, mushroom, corn kernels, roasted paneer cubes. 

6) sprinkle some chilli flakes and herbs. 

7) make a simple garlic butter, shred some garlic with the help of a grater, and add in some melted butter, brush the mixture on the edges of the pizza for extra flavour, (can skip this step to avoid extra calories) 

8) bake for 5 mins in a pizza oven at 250 degrees Celsius or till the crust looks light brown and crispy.