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  • 2 Medium Sized Onions peeled

    1 Tsp Garam Masala

    2 Tsp Peanuts roasted and powdered

    ¼ Tsp Mango powder/Amchur Masala

    1/4 Tsp Red Chili Powder(optional)

    Salt to taste

    Fresh Coriander chopped

    1Tsp Jeera for Seasoning



  • Stuffing:

    Peel the onions. Scoop the centre (see the pics).Mix all the dry masalas mentioned above. Stuff the onions with this masala.

    Step one:

    Heat a pan. Add a tsp of oil, Add ½ tsp jeera. Add the stuffed onions and roast all the sides well. It will take 20 to 25 mins to cook.Please ensure it is a little crunchy and not too soft. Garnish with chopped coriander.

    Step Two:

    Grease a microwave safe bowl. Place the stuffed onions in the greased bowl. Microwave on high (800 w) for 2 mins. Add the extra masala if any and microwave for 1 more minute. The stuffed onions are ready.