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  • 45 ml (1.5 oz or 3 tbsp) Blue Curacao
    Juice of 2 Lemons
    15 ml (0.5 oz or 1 tbsp) Sugar syrup or as desired
    A dash of Cinnamon
    Ice Cubes
    Lemon Slices and Lemon Wedge
    A cinnamon stick
    Castor Sugar


  • 1. Wet the rim of the glass by drawing a lemon wedge around the rim, squeezing gently (not so hard that it drips), until the edge is uniformly moistened.
    2. Take Castor Sugar in a flat plate. (I took about 2 tbsp). Now, hold the glass upside down and gently press the edges of the glass into the castor sugar and turn it to line the rim completely.
    3. Now put ice cubes in the glass so as to fill it halfway. You may also use crushed ice here.
    4. Pour the Blue Curacao, lemon juice and Sugar syrup. Add a dash of cinnamon.
    5. Now top up with Soda. Mix with a stirrer.
    6. Drop a lemon slice and a cinnamon stick and serve chilled.