Thandai Freak Shake

Thandai Freak Shake

5 min
2-3 People
15 min

Thandai Freak Shake


For Thandai masalastuff

1 tbsp toasted poppy seeds

1 tbsp black pepper

1/4 tsp green cardamom

1 tsp melon seeds

1 tbsp cashew nuts broken

2 tbsp Almonds

1 tbsp Saffron mishri

1tbsp Saffron

10 strand Milk

1tsp For saffron essence Milk

2tbsp Saffron

10 strand For shake Vanilla ice cream

2 scoops Milk

1/2cup Sugar

1 tsp For Garnishing Whipped cream in a piping bag with star nozzles Caramel syrup

1tbsp Cream wafer

1 Gems

few Thandai Masala


1. Take saunf, poppy seeds, black pepper, green cardamom, melon seeds, cashew nuts, and almonds, milk, and pound them to make thandai masala.

2. Make sure the paste is nice and fine

3. In a pan add milk and saffron and make saffron essence

4. Now add milk, saffron essence, vanilla ice-cream, thandai paste, and sugar to make a shake.

5. In a glass pour caramel syrup.

6. Then pour the shake into the serving glass.

7. Top the shake with whipped cream, cream wafers, gems, and sprinklers to give it an amazing look.

8. And Voila! the Thandai Freakshake is ready.