Mango Falooda Recipe

Mango Falooda Recipe

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2-3 People
15 min

Mango Falooda

Mango Falooda is a delightful and luscious dessert that brings together the sweetness and freshness of mangoes with a combination of exciting textures and flavours. The layers of mango pulp, mango ice cream, and mango kulfi create a symphony of mango goodness, while the soaked sabja seeds and falooda add a chewy and jelly-like element to the dessert


Portions serving: 3-4 pax

Preparation time: 15 mins

Cooking time: 30 mins

Calories: 420 cal per portion




- Sabja Seeds

- Diced Alphonso Mango - 100 gms

- Mango Pulp - 50 ml

- Mango Kulfi - 100 gms

- Mango Ice Cream - 100 gms

- Tutti Frutti - 20 gms

- Cherries - 20 gms

- Pista (Pistachios) - 5 gms

- Cashew nuts - 5 gms

- Falooda - 20 gms

- Rooh Afza - 20 ml

- Crushed Ice




1. Soaking the Falooda and Sabja Seeds:

   - Begin by soaking the falooda in warm water until it becomes soft and tender.

   - Simultaneously, soak the sabja seeds in water until they puff up and become jelly-like in texture.


2. Preparation of Layers:

   - Using a tall glass, create layers of delightful flavours and textures to form the Mango Falooda.

   - Start by adding a layer of crushed ice at the bottom of the glass to keep the dessert cool and refreshing.


3. Adding Rooh Afza and Falooda:

   - Pour Rooh Afza over the crushed ice, creating a sweet and fragrant base for the Mango Falooda.

   - On top of the Rooh Afza, add the soaked and softened falooda to create a unique and enjoyable texture.


4. Layering with Sabja Seeds and Mango Pulp:

   - Add the soaked sabja seeds to the glass, providing a delightful chewy and gelatinous element to the dessert.

   - Top the sabja seeds with a layer of luscious mango pulp, enhancing the Mango Falooda with the richness and sweetness of fresh mangoes.


5. Adding Mango Ice Cream and Mango Kulfi:

   - Layer the Mango Falooda with scoops of mango ice cream, which will impart a creamy and cool flavour to the dessert.

   - Next, add dollops of mango kulfi to enhance the mango goodness and add a delightful traditional touch to the dessert.


6. Incorporating Fresh Diced Mango:

   - Introduce the freshness of diced Alphonso mangoes, adding bursts of flavour and juicy goodness to the Mango Falooda.


7. Sprinkling with Tutti Frutti and Nuts:

   - Enhance the dessert with tutti frutti, adding colourful and delightful bursts of sweetness.

   - Add a combination of chopped cashew nuts and pistachios, providing a crunchy and nutty texture to the Mango Falooda.


8. Repeating the Layering Process:

   - Repeat the layering process to build up the flavours and textures of the Mango Falooda, creating a delightful symphony of tastes in every spoonful.


9. Final Touch and Presentation:

   - On the topmost layer, add another scoop of mango ice cream, adding a creamy and indulgent finishing touch to the dessert.

   - Sprinkle some tutti frutti over the ice cream and arrange some fresh diced mango on the top, making the Mango Falooda visually appealing and inviting.


10. Serving and Enjoying the Mango Falooda:

   - Serve the delectable Mango Falooda chilled and delight in the delightful combination of fresh mangoes, creamy ice cream, chewy sabja seeds, and crunchy nuts.

   - The rich and vibrant flavours of the Mango Falooda will transport you to a tropical paradise of mango goodness, making it a perfect summer treat.


Served in a tall glass, the Mango Falooda is a treat for the eyes as well, with its vibrant colours and appealing presentation. The layers of textures and flavours come together beautifully, making it a show-stopping dessert that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.


Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to indulge in a refreshing and tropical dessert, Mango Falooda is a perfect choice. The freshness of Alphonso mangoes, combined with the creaminess of ice cream and kulfi, will transport you to a paradise of mango bliss.