Creamy Chicken Tarts Recipe

Creamy Chicken Tarts Recipe

30 mins
2-3 people
20 mins

Creamy Chicken Tarts


For tart

Flour - 100 grams

Butter - 100 grams

Salt - 2 grams

Water as required

For filling

Smoked chicken - 100 grams

Celery - 20 grams

Red delicious apple - 100 grams

Mayonnaise - 40 grams

Rosemary - 1 gram

Salt to taste

Method for tart.

To prepare the tarts.

Take a bowl and add some flour in it.

Add some salt to taste.

After that add some chopped butter in it.

Rub the whole mixture with both your hands, till it reaches a sand like consistency.

Add some chilled water to it, and prepare a stiff dough out of it.

Keep it to rest for some time.

After few minutes, roll the dough into 1/3 inch.

Take a tart mould,

Line it tart mould with some butter and then dust it with some flour.

Dusting some flour to the mould would prevent the dough from sticking to the mould.

With your fingers, shape the dough in the mould.

Now take a fork and poke it into to mould.

It’ll help in even cooking.

Preheat an oven up to 180° celsius.

Place the moulded dough in the oven and bake for about 20 mins until the tarts are cooked.

Keep it to cool down.

Meanwhile prepare the apple filling...

Method for the apple filling.

To make creamy chicken tart, first we’ll make a salad.

start by chopping some red juicy apples, chop them into dice.

In a bowl take 2tsp sour cream.

Add some salt to taste

Top it with a pinch of pepper

And add 1tsp mayonnaise

Mix them well together, it’ll give you a nice added punch.

Add about 1tsp lemon juice to bring up the punch in it.

After that add about 2chopped celery stalks,

Finely chop it so that it gives you some crunch

Also add about 1tsp finely chopped rosemary leaves to it.

After that add in the apples that we chopped earlier to the mix.

Add some 4-5 roughly chopped walnuts to the bowl.

After that add about one whole smoked chicken after shredding and chopping it into small pieces..( smoked chicken give a lovely smoky flavour to the whole mixture.)

TADA....The salad is ready.

Place them in the tarts that we prepared Earlier.

Garnish it with some thin sliced apple pieces.

And then, your lovely creamy chicken tarts are ready to eat.